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January 8, 2016
Healthy Blogs

10 of our Favourite Healthy Food Blogs and Bloggers!

To kick of the New Year, like most people we are saying goodbye to sugar cookies and wine with every meal and saying hello to our regular healthy eating habits which include eating well balanced meals. Both of us are the type of people who love healthy foods, but have an appetite for indulgences as well. We are not a food blog, so I won’t get into any specifics here, but I will say that we do enjoy trying out recipes. Though we are huge fans of cookbooks, we also get inspired from healthy food blogs.

There are so many great blogs out there sharing unique takes on healthy recipe versions, recipes with interesting healthy ingredients or tips and tricks to preparing easy meals. While all of these things make it easier to be healthy eaters, it’s really the fun and yes “happiness” that these inspiring bloggers bring to our kitchen that make us want to share them with you!


1. Dishing Up The Dirt

Andrea is an organic vegetable farmer from Oregon, and continuously shares delicious farm-to-table recipes, as well as her experiences on the farm. I’ve made several of her recipes, one of my favourites is the maple pumpkin muffins. With recipes focusing on fresh, organic vegetables, this is a blog you should definitely check out for healthy options. You’ll even find delicious cocktail recipes too, and their sweet dog Henry! With the cold weather, I’m looking forward to trying her chicken soup recipe.

2. Naturally Ella

A popular, easy weeknight meal I make often is some type of grain bowl, usually with quinoa or farro. Naturally Ella is a vegetarian food blog with a huge variety of recipes, including pasta, tacos, baked goods and skillet recipes. I love turning to Erin’s blog when I want to change up my weekly bowl meal and add a little flare, or if I want to try a new egg recipe. And the photos on her blog are beautiful! Full of colour. I think the next recipe I’ll be making from her site will be the black bean burritos with guacamole, perfect for lunch!

3. The Faux Martha

The Faux Martha is a great blog for quick, easy and healthy recipes. The Tomato Chickpea soup is one of my staple weeknight meals. I usually portion the leftovers into lunch size containers and freeze them for quick lunches at home or something to bring to work if I didn’t prepare anything the night before.

4. Oh She Glows

I’m sure many of you have heard of Angela’s blog, and probably her cookbook as well. Oh She Glows is a vegan food blog I love, even though I’m not a vegan. Angela’s Butternut Squash mac ‘n Cheese is a great healthy alternative to the classic comfort dish, but one recipe I highly recommend making is the Glazed Lentil Walnut Apple Loaf. When I first made the recipe, I did a double batch and froze the second loaf (already sliced). It was a little tedious to make, but completely worth every effort! Even my meat-loving husband enjoyed it! I’ll be making this again soon for sure.

5. Yummy Beet

Another vegetable-focused blog with delicious recipes. Not only that, Alison lives in Hamilton too! A great recipe is her Tomato Soup with Cheddar and Dill Socca Croutons. Be sure to keep an eye out for her first cookbook, Whole Bowls, which will be coming out in April this year.


6. Joyous Health

Joyous Health is a favourite blog of mine because I appreciate the way Joy McCarthy presents her recipes and ultimately her message of eating well versus dieting. She covers this more in depth in her book, which I did a Book Review on last fall. I also like how her recipes are simple, but offer different things to try like this recipe: Cucumber and Strawberry Salad.

7. Edible Perspectives

Dana recommended this blog to me and I have to say I really enjoy it. Skimming the recipes you’ll notice how well they are laid out and visually shown. Beautifully shown! And the recipes are high on flavours like dark chocolate, cinnamon and chai, making this blog fun and unique and yes healthy. I’m determined to try this Coconut Chai baked Oatmeal recipe as soon as I can!

8. Ambitious Kitchen

I chose this blog to add to this list because of its focus on clean eating (my motto!), but also healthier versions of baking, which is a favourite of mine! I like that Monique doesn’t try to sell vegan or other alternative lifestyles. It’s so nice to have a blog that offers a touch on these, but that shares healthy eating and lifestyle ideas that are for all-around eaters like myself! I especially like the idea of smoothier bowls and you gotta try this recipe: Mocha Banana Protein Smoothie Bowl.

9. Veggies by Candlelight

Yay another health food blog that focuses on eating balanced as opposed to eating for the trends (I refuse to fall for the dairy free, gluten free fad cause I don’t have those allergies so why would I?!). I also like Ali’s writing style and can relate to a lot of what she shares. Mostly I love her Greek Yogurt Pancakesa favourite and household classic for me and my hubby!

10. The Healthy Maven

Davida is a self-professed pancake lover, like myself and in addition to loving healthy food, loves working out, so that drew me in, in addition to the Protein Packed Oatmeal Cups recipe! She also has lots of smoothie recipes and basically cooks food I like to eat. This inspiring twenty-something blogger is based out of Toronto, so a nearby neighbour to us, and she runs another blog called SHE Uncovered with fellow health food blogger Fit Foodie Finds. Isn’t that so cool?!

Be sure to comment below what your favourite, go-to food blogs are so we can check them out!

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