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February 29, 2016
Girls Night

This past month I hosted a girls night at my apartment and while planning got to thinking about what makes a good  girls night. For one the company, then the place, and then the food and drink. I got to thinking about how to make the girls night easy and fun. So here’s a list of 5 ideas to help you get creative with your own girls night.

1. Fajita Night

I’m starting with the theme from my girls night. Fajitas or any Mexican food fiesta like quesadillas, burritos or nachos is easy because everyone can bring 1-2 ingredients and there’s not much work involved in putting them together. It’s also fun because its a crowd pleaser and everyone enjoys it. You can also pair it with great drinks, like cerveza and lime, sangria or rum punch.

2. Charcuterie Night

Charcuterie has become a popular order at restaurants, but its a great thing to do when staying in with the ladies. All you need it a variety of meats, cheese, pickled goods and crackers or bread, add in flavoured oils and dips. This is a great choice when you don’t want to do a whole sit down meal, but want to munch throughout the evening. Try each bite with some white or red wine and you have a fun time ahead.

3. Fondue Night

I love fondue. I have a fondue set that has gotten some good use over the years. The great thing about fondue it caters to those who love savoury and those who love sweet. I would suggest a cheese fondue with bread and meats to start. Then finish off with a chocolate fondue with cut of fruit and marshmallows. Again, everyone can pitch in nd there is not much clean-up. Red wine would go great with the cheese and chocolate fondue.

4. Beer Tasting

Who said beer tasting was a guy thing anyway? If your friend like beer, why not hold a beer tasting? Have each girl bring a few craft beers to sample and use some online tips for laying out some tasty beer flights throughout the evening. This would be a great event for any season, either in winter in front of the fire or on the patio in summer. Since the focus on the beer, keep the food to snacks. Think nachos, caramel corn, beer nuts and chocolate covered almonds. That way you can enjoy the beer tasting experience.

5. Cocktail Night

Graduating from beer, you might want to move on to cocktail night. Why not take turns at each person’s place in hosting a cocktail night? Buy the ingredients and glasses you need and learn how to make a fancy drink. Then teach your friends and drink them together! You’ll learn new tricks, sample classic cocktails and definitely enjoy the evening.

Not much is needed to make a girls night fun. Seeing your friends and catching up provides that fun for you. But the food and drink needs to match the quality of company and at the very least gives you an excuse to get together. So next time, try one of these ideas to keep it easy.

Do you have any ideas you love for girls night? We would love to know!

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