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February 17, 2016
The Dearborn Inn Lobby


At the beginning of the month, I had the opportunity to tag along with Ryan for a weekend trip to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Neither of us had ever been and I’d heard many great things about the college town, so when I found out about the trip, I jumped on the opportunity to go explore a new place!

The great thing about Michigan is it’s close proximity to Ontario. The drive to our hotel was only three and a half hours, with majority of that time spent in Ontario. We stayed about a half hour outside of Ann Arbor, in Dearborn (it was only about 15 minutes from the border). The Dearborn Inn is an incredible hotel, built on the grounds of the Ford Motor Company in 1931. When we arrived and entered the lobby, we were both amazed. The photo above is the Lobby – absolutely stunning! The staff were friendly and helpful, the room was spacious and comfortable. I think we both agreed it was the most comfortable bed we’ve slept in – like laying on a giant marshmallow!

Ryan had dinner scheduled both Friday and Saturday evening, so for the first night I ordered in room service, watched movies and knit. It was such a nice way to end the week and just relax. Saturday morning, we were up early and headed out to Ypsilanti, where I dropped Ryan off for the day. I had done a little bit of research before hand, looking for great coffee shops I could hang out in and knit.

My first stop was RoosRoast Coffee. I can honestly say it has to be one of my favourite coffee shops ever. RoosRoast is a coffee roaster with a cafe at the front. When I stepped in, the cafe was full of mismatched tables and chairs, shelves filled with coffee and local pottery and other goodies like local chocolate. I was in heaven. I loved everything about it and knew I wanted to try a few different drinks. First up was their honey vanilla latte. It was incredible! I ended up taking Ryan here the next day and ordered this again for him to try. The two baristas working were so friendly. I loved talking to them about knitting and baking! It is so awesome meeting fellow knitters and hearing about what projects they are working on. Next up was trying their signature triple shot long pull coffee (you can read about it on their site), specifically the Lobster Butter Love. So delicious! I bought a small bag to bring home and I’m now wishing I bought the large! I also purchased one of the local pottery mugs they had for sale and I haven’t stopped using it since we returned home :) 

Settling in at RoosRoast Coffee with my knitting and honey vanilla latte. I really loved this space!

Settling in at RoosRoast Coffee with my knitting and honey vanilla latte. I really loved this space!

Around lunch time I ventured out and ended up finding a comfy chair in a Barnes & Noble and reading for a couple hours. I was able to do a little bit of shopping at Madewell before I stopped at the second cafe on my list, Mighty Good Coffee. This cafe had a different vibe. Mostly students from the university working on their laptops. There was a bar set up for individuals with lots of space and plenty of outlets, which was very handy. Again, I started with a latte. This time it was a lavender honey latte, yum! I later tried some of their own coffee with an almond croissant. A great pairing and so tasty. 

Casting on the sleeve of my cardigan at Mighty Good Coffee.

Casting on the sleeve of my cardigan at Mighty Good Coffee.

It was now time to pick up Ryan and head back to the hotel. This time I decided to sit at the hotel bar and have dinner, along with a few drinks. Talking with the staff was awesome. They told me about the area and Detroit and some events we should look into attending. And I was able to get more knitting done! Yay!

Stayed tuned for Part II next week! I’m sharing about exploring Ann Arbor with Ryan and some local brew pubs we tried.

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