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September 9, 2015
Antique Decor Tips

Add that antique touch to your décor without a trip to an antique market.

There is something about having that special something with history, with a story, a previous home and owner. And let’s face it, old, used and antique décor have unique qualities that are hard to come by in store today. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of spending countless hours in HomeSense and Pier 1 Imports, but antique décor has ‘life’ that adds character to compliment newer pieces.

Antiquing has literally become a part-time hobby for many. The most common place to find antiques is at an antique market, such as Aberfoyle, an event like the Christie Antique Show, or an antique store. While you will find many great things you’ll want to buy at these types of places, it can be overwhelming for some. Not to mention it can be a bit pricey if you are inexperienced and you could end up spending more on an item then you need to.

I find myself a reluctant antiquer, but I do like a bargain. That’s where antiquing alternatives come in handy! There are 4 ways I’ve collected some interesting antique or antique ‘like’ pieces for my apartment.

Of course, hand-me-downs are an honest (and cheap!) way to come by nice things, you just have to have a good eye for what is worth keeping and what isn’t. Look for pieces with interesting qualities that suit your style and that are not damaged or overused.

Royal Cauldon Plate Given to me by my Mother

Royal Cauldon Plate Given to me by my Mother


The next place you can look is on Kijiji. Just beware of the word antique in the item’s description. This means already the price will be inflated. The trick is to find things that are indeed older and in good condition, but sold as any other item, and not labeled as antique. Also keep in mind that sometimes sellers of one item may have other items to sell in their home that they have not listed online. Don’t be afraid to ask and bargain. I purchased this chair as part of another purchase and therefore paid half price!

Antique Chair

Wood and Needlepoint Chair from kijiji

Thrift stores are another great place to find interesting pieces. Thrift stores like Value Village or Talize often carry décor items. In particular if you like collecting glass pieces or coloured glass, thrift stores sell these at a fraction of the cost of glass pieces at antique markets. If you like collecting old books, these places often sell them for under $10 a piece and I have stumbled upon some finds as cheap as $1.99!

Thrifting Antiques

Old Books from Thrift Store

Lastly, the 4th way to find great pieces is…well honestly, just getting lucky! Once you have trained your eye to find pieces with unique qualities, a certain value and condition you may find things that are antique or vintage or of that quality where you wouldn’t before. And honestly, everything these days can be re-purposed for décor so while getting lucky is one thing, it’s getting creative that really will help you fill your home with those beautiful antique touches!

Antique Touches

Crochet Blue Doily and Ralph Lauren Dish


Do you like antiquing? Feel free to share your antiquing tips with us!

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