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April 28, 2016

We are reminiscing on some of our favourite things and moments from the first real month of spring and our birthday month: April! Danielle Local & Travel April was a busy month at work for me, but thankfully many of the events I worked at were community events. So I got to be at the starting and finishing lines for the Around the Bay Road Race and the Paris to Ancaster: A Ride for Research, both of which support St. Joe’s…

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Food & Drink Hamilton Living


April 26, 2016
Food and Drink Fest

A Review of the Hamilton Food & Drink Fest 2016. This past weekend we met up with our hubbies to check out the 11th Annual Food and Drink Fest at the Hamilton Convention Centre. The great thing about this event is you get to try the latest and greatest variety of local and international foods, wines and craft beers from popular restaurants, breweries & wineries. Did we mention it is also all under one roof? The location is so central it can’t…

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Best Of Favourites Holidays


March 25, 2016
Best of Easter

6 of our Favourite Things About Easter It’s an early Easter this year, but regardless of the time, it’s a lovely spring holiday filled with bright pastel colours, cute little bunnies and easter eggs! We can’t forget to mention lots and lots of chocolate! Easter is also a time for family, great food and traditions. We love Easter for many reasons, but here’s 6 of the best! Danielle Beautiful Baked Goods I love baking for Easter. There s something about the…

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Favourites Monthly Favourites


February 26, 2016

As we near the end of the month and winter season, we are reminiscing about some of our favourite things and moments from February! Dana Travel The end of January and beginning of February have been full of travel. Between Orlando and Ann Arbor, you read about part I and II here, we also headed up north to my cottage with Danielle and Mike for the long weekend. It was an awesome weekend with good friends, good food, good drinks,…

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Living Wellbeing & Happiness


February 5, 2016

8 Inspirations for Date Nights on a Budget. While you can’t go for romantic picnics in the middle of winter, there are plenty of other ways you can get creative for a date night that doens’t cost a fortune. While extravagant night outs are fun and momorable, so are the simpler ones that allow you to focus more on the person you are with. Did we mention that these ideas would be awesome for Valentine’s Day if you are trying…

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Favourites Monthly Favourites


January 29, 2016

The first month of 2016 has come and gone. We are reminiscing on some of our favourite things and moments from January! Dana Travel January has been an exciting month for me! I tagged along with my husband on one of his work trips to Orlando and we’ve been staying in Disney, one of my favourite places. Earlier this week, I ventured off on my own and explored Hollywood Studios and Epcot. Thanks to Danielle’s recommendations, I saw some awesome shows!…

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Best Of Favourites


January 22, 2016
Winter Favourites

Favourite pastimes and memory making moments in the winter months! The chilly weather has officially arrived, as well as the snow. The Winter season is the perfect time to get cozy and cuddle up inside, or bundle up and adventure outdoors into a beautiful snowy wonderland! We are sharing some of our favourite things about Winter and fun activities to enjoy during the season! Danielle Ice Skating I’m not a serious winter person, but the one thing that I will…

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Living Wellbeing & Happiness


January 15, 2016

6 Reasons to Find Joy in the Practice of Yoga. Yoga is such a trendy thing these days, with yoga studios popping up all over and people who you never thought would get active are on a yoga mat. This is great, because we love yoga too! One of the things about our regular yoga practice, is we like to think of it beyond just the poses or asanas. But for the sake of this blog post, let’s focus on…

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Favourites Food & Drink


January 8, 2016
Healthy Blogs

10 of our Favourite Healthy Food Blogs and Bloggers! To kick of the New Year, like most people we are saying goodbye to sugar cookies and wine with every meal and saying hello to our regular healthy eating habits which include eating well balanced meals. Both of us are the type of people who love healthy foods, but have an appetite for indulgences as well. We are not a food blog, so I won’t get into any specifics here, but I…

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