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March 25, 2016
Best of Easter

6 of our Favourite Things About Easter

It’s an early Easter this year, but regardless of the time, it’s a lovely spring holiday filled with bright pastel colours, cute little bunnies and easter eggs! We can’t forget to mention lots and lots of chocolate! Easter is also a time for family, great food and traditions. We love Easter for many reasons, but here’s 6 of the best!


Beautiful Baked Goods

I love baking for Easter. There s something about the pastel colours that makes me want to bake a cake or cupcakes. I also love baking things for Easter breakfast, like currant scones with lemon zest. Maybe it’s the long weekend that makes time devoted to baking feel worthwhile and also the fact that chocolate is abundant. Baking with Cadbury Mini Eggs is too much fun!

Easter Cupcakes

Some Easter cupcakes I made.

Crafting with Pastels

Easter is also an excellent time to bring out spring colours after a long dreary winter. I like preparing floral arrangements for Easter or putting up spring floral wreaths. I few years ago I brought my inner child out and decorated eggs. Step 1: You start by piercing a small hole in one end and then one through the other egg. Make sure you pierce the yolk. Then you blow through on hole until the egg comes out the other, into a bowl, leaving you with an empty, but still in tact egg shell. Give it a good clean and then you can start the dying process using food colouring. Step 2: Use 1/2 cup boiling water, 1 tsp of vinegar and as many food colouring drops it takes to get the colour you’re looking for. Let the eggs soak for at least 5 minutes before removing them with tongs and placing them on a plate or piece of wax paper to dry. Tip: Rub the eggs with a bit of oil to give them a beautiful shine. The cool thing about these kind of eggs is there is no shelf life. You can re-use them next year too.

Easter Eggs

Some pretty Easter eggs I made a few years ago. I still use these to decorate.

The Easter Bunny!

I love the Easter bunny, or just bunnies in general. Growing up my room was filled with bunnies. I had the Beatrix Potter books and Peter Cottontail was my favourite. My cousin even painted a mural of two bunnies and flowers on my wall. I also loved searching for the Easter basket that the “bunny” would bring on Easter morning. And let’s not forget Easter egg hunts!


Sunday Brunch

For the last few years with my family, rather than having a big dinner, we’ve been going to Sunday brunch at the Ancaster Mill. Their brunch is fantastic, and the scenery is so beautiful. It’s also a special spot for us since we got married here almost two years ago. One of our favourite spots in Ancaster.

Last year at the Ancaster Mill for Easter Sunday Brunch.

Last year at the Ancaster Mill for Easter Sunday Brunch.

Easter Eggs

My mum is Lithuanian, and every year when I was small, we would decorated Easter eggs. Rather than your typical dye, we would make designs using beeswax and boil the eggs in onion skins. Boiling the eggs removed the wax and your beautiful design would be covering the egg. It had been so long since I’ve done anything like this, and this year I was able to take the Pysanka workshop at Needlework. Pysanka are traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs, with the same method, but instead of boiling the eggs in onion skins, you dip the eggs in different coloured dyes throughout your design process and the result is this wonderfully, amazing, colourful creation! I’m looking forward to making this an annual tradition, with memories of my childhood.

My very first Pysanky Easter eggs!

My very first Pysanky Easter eggs!

Afternoon Activities

After Sunday Brunch, we always do some sort of activity, typically a long walk or hike, or even antiquing. The great thing about Easter weekend is that the weather is typically warmer (sometimes!), so being able to spend some time outdoors is so refreshing, especially after a big meal! I’m looking forward to a relaxing long weekend, with lots of knitting, coffee shop visits, and neighbourhood walks with my hubby and pup.

Dog park visits and neighbourhood walks are the best on long weekends!

Dog park visits and neighbourhood walks are the best on long weekends!

Let us know what your favourite parts of Easter are! 

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