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February 22, 2016
Simplify Your Home

Tips and tricks for simplifying your life, in most of your spaces at home. As winter trudges on, so do my ongoing efforts in simplifying my life. Having recently changed jobs, gotten married and furnished most of my apartment, there’s been a lot that has needed de-cluttering and organizing More than that, I want to create the habit of keeping things simple in all of my spaces. I’ve covered simplifying your wardrobe and your work space, and now I will cover other area…

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DIY Home & Décor Living Simplify Life


February 8, 2016

Tips and tricks for simplifying your life, starting with your wardrobe! This year, one of the goals I’ve made for myself is simplifying my life. What do I mean by simplifying? I mean avoiding clutter, cutting down on useless stuff, using up things that you’ve accumulated, reducing things you do not need, and keeping things organized. The result: less sorting, less time wasted, less cleaning, less stress and a life that relies less on material stuff. This can apply to multiple areas…

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DIY Home & Décor


January 27, 2016

Resources to Begin Planning Your Vegetable Garden You may be thinking to yourself, “planning a vegetable garden already?!” Yes! Now is the time to start researching what you want to plant, especially if you are starting from seed. For those of you in the Hamilton area, Saturday February 6th, is Seedy Saturday! Seedy Saturday is an annual event held by the Hamilton Community Garden Network. You’ll find seed and garden supply vendors, garden workshops and educational demonstrations, as well as…

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DIY Fashion & Jewellery


January 20, 2016

Sharing My Winter Knitting Plans to Start off 2016! Back in September I shared my inspiration for autumn knitting , what I was working on or hoping to complete. With the release of Brooklyn Tweed’s Winter 2016 collection last week, organizing my yarn haul from Christmas, and planning out my projects from some upcoming trips, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to share an updated look at my queue and slow fashion plans. Current WIP’s Ryan’s Sweater – I’ve…

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Crafts DIY Holidays


December 21, 2015
christmas gift wrapping

8 Ways to get inspired and creative with your Christmas gift wrapping this year! I understand that for many this is the very bane of their existence when it comes to Christmas, to the point where they leave it to the last minute. For me, it has always been a task that not only needs doing, but that I enjoy. I can remember carefully selecting wrapping for Christmas gifts over the years. Side note: my brother used to pay me…

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Crafts DIY Holidays


December 7, 2015
handmade card

Inspiration for handmade Christmas cards and a DIY tutorial. For as long as I can remember I have been making Christmas cards. It started with scribbled misspelled holiday greeting cards to my parents, evolving eventually to include stick men. Eventually this gave way to hand painted cards, every year something different. I then started painted these cards for others, Mike, his parents, friends. Eventually I decided I wanted to try something different than painting and tried cards that involved more…

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DIY Holidays Home & Décor


December 4, 2015
Christmas decoration

Sharing 8 inspirations for decorating your home for Christmas! One of the best parts of Christmas is adding a touch of sparkle, red and green or cheer to your decor! Dana shared two beautiful ideas for the holidays: creating a holiday garland and a fresh wreath. For those of you who just want to add that touch of Christmas without the DIY, we’re sharing 8 simple ideas for holiday decorations today! Dana Keep it Simple Simple works, especially when you use fresh greenery.…

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Crafts DIY Holidays Home & Décor


December 2, 2015

It’s December! This means majority of us are in full holiday mode, putting up Christmas decorations and checking items off the shopping list. We’ve had our Christmas lights up outside since mid-November, with no other decor up. Normally I purchase a fresh wreath for our front door from Costco or one of the local garden nurseries. This year I decided to try and make my own. As I mentioned in our November Favourites post yesterday, Ryan and I always cut…

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Crafts DIY


November 25, 2015
DIY Candles

An easy tutorial for DIY soy candles. We both love candles, especially soy and beeswax. But the one downside is they can be quite expensive and hard to find. We try to stay away from paraffin wax, which contains carcinogens and pollutes the air in your home. Soy candles are made from soybeans, and do not release any toxins. There is some great information here going into further detail, and natural alternatives to you can look for. During the cooler…

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