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Best Of Favourites Holidays


March 25, 2016
Best of Easter

6 of our Favourite Things About Easter It’s an early Easter this year, but regardless of the time, it’s a lovely spring holiday filled with bright pastel colours, cute little bunnies and easter eggs! We can’t forget to mention lots and lots of chocolate! Easter is also a time for family, great food and traditions. We love Easter for many reasons, but here’s 6 of the best! Danielle Beautiful Baked Goods I love baking for Easter. There s something about the…

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Best Of Favourites Simplify Life


February 15, 2016

Tips and tricks for simplifying your life, moving onto your work space! This year, one of the goals I’ve made for myself is simplifying my life. I’ve started avoiding clutter, cutting down on useless stuff, using up things that I’ve accumulated, reducing things I do not need, and been keeping things organized. There are so many areas of life that can be simplified. This applies even to people who are naturally a simple or organized person doesn’t matter. I’ve always thought…

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Best Of Favourites


February 10, 2016
20 Romantic Comedies to Watch for Valentine's Day!

20 Romantic Comedy Movies for Valentine’s Day! Yes, yes I know – there is nothing more cliché than watching a rom-com on Valentine’s Day. But sometimes it’s just what you need. Whether you’re snuggled with your love one on the couch, hanging out with a group of girlfriends, or having a me day [me days are the best, aren’t they?]. With Valentine’s day this weekend and romance in the air, I decided to put together a list of my favourite…

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Best Of Favourites


January 22, 2016
Winter Favourites

Favourite pastimes and memory making moments in the winter months! The chilly weather has officially arrived, as well as the snow. The Winter season is the perfect time to get cozy and cuddle up inside, or bundle up and adventure outdoors into a beautiful snowy wonderland! We are sharing some of our favourite things about Winter and fun activities to enjoy during the season! Danielle Ice Skating I’m not a serious winter person, but the one thing that I will…

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Best Of Favourites Holidays Living Wellbeing & Happiness


December 9, 2015

Now that we are more than a week into December, I’m sure many of you have begun watching some of your holiday favourites. I used to have the holiday specials television schedule memorized so I wouldn’t miss the classics, Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, Charlie Brown… I’ve rounded up my favourite 20 Christmas movies. I know these are not all of the great Christmas movies out there, but these are a good starting point. Some of these have different versions, so…

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Best Of Favourites


October 30, 2015

Sharing our favourite parts of Halloween. The end of October has come. The leaves have changed colour, and most have fallen. The weather has become cooler. Pumpkins are adorning store fronts, windows and porches. And the grocery store shelves are filled with candy. These things can only mean one thing – Halloween has arrived! It’s a time for parties and costumes. Creepy cocktails and baked goodies. Pumpkin carving contests and scary movies. Haunted houses and ghost stories. It’s the perfect time…

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Best Of Favourites


October 9, 2015

Autumn. A time for sweaters, cider, apple-picking, family and friends, candy, pumpkins and costumes! There are so many wonderful things about this season we love. Here are some of our favourite things! Dana Apple Picking This became a tradition for Ryan and I about five years ago. As Danielle mentioned earlier this week, there are so many places to go in our area. One of our favourite spots is Carluke Orchards. Along with the 10lbs of apples we came home…

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Best Of Favourites


September 25, 2015

Why we enjoy crafting and how we make it a rewarding hobby. Dana When I was small one of my favourite activities was crafting. I’ve always had a passion for it, but in the last two years it has really taken off. This includes mostly knitting, sewing, and baking (I go all out for Christmas cookies!). No matter what activity I’m doing, it is always relaxing. Crafting is an outlet to help put frustrations aside and focus on something I…

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Best Of Favourites Weddings


September 18, 2015

Sharing favourite parts from our weddings: venue, dress, photographer, flowers and hair and makeup. There are plenty of things to love about your wedding. These are by far some of the biggest elements of all weddings. And while there are no right or wrongs, there are lots of “Best” choices and individual favourites. Venue Danielle We had our wedding at Knollwood Golf and Country Club in Ancaster. I saw this golf course one autumn day on my way to go…

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