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March 25, 2016
Best of Easter

6 of our Favourite Things About Easter It’s an early Easter this year, but regardless of the time, it’s a lovely spring holiday filled with bright pastel colours, cute little bunnies and easter eggs! We can’t forget to mention lots and lots of chocolate! Easter is also a time for family, great food and traditions. We love Easter for many reasons, but here’s 6 of the best! Danielle Beautiful Baked Goods I love baking for Easter. There s something about the…

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Food & Drink Holidays Living


March 11, 2016

10 Sweet & Savoury Recipes To Try For St. Patrick’s Day! We’re almost halfway through March, which means longer and hopefully, warmer days ahead of us (so far so good!). It also means the Irish holiday is fast approaching! Whether you are going out to a local pub to enjoy some green beer, partying it up at a friend’s, or staying in at home, I’ve put together a list of 10 sweet and savoury recipes for food and drinks to…

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Favourites Holidays


December 24, 2015
Christmas Traditions

Sharing our holiday traditions we look forward to every year! One of the best parts of Christmas is the traditions that have been built year over year to the point that just the thought of them brings joy. Traditions can be grand, or they can be so simple. Either way they usually remind us of the real spirit of the holidays which is why on this day, the day before Christmas we are sharing our traditions with you! Dana O’…

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Crafts DIY Holidays


December 21, 2015
christmas gift wrapping

8 Ways to get inspired and creative with your Christmas gift wrapping this year! I understand that for many this is the very bane of their existence when it comes to Christmas, to the point where they leave it to the last minute. For me, it has always been a task that not only needs doing, but that I enjoy. I can remember carefully selecting wrapping for Christmas gifts over the years. Side note: my brother used to pay me…

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Favourites Holidays


December 18, 2015
Christmas Carols

Sharing some classic and new musical inspiration for your holiday playlist! Danielle I love Christmas music. I can remember when I was a kid I would bust out this ratty old book with carols in it and I would sing them all, all around the house. As I got older I added in some piano/keyboard in the background, joyfully jumping up and down every time I learned a new song! I also fondly remember the Christmas music that was played…

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Food & Drink Holidays Living


December 16, 2015
Voila! The final product!

A recipe for simple, delicious peppermint patties. Let us preface this post by saying we are not food bloggers, nor do we develop recipes, but we do LOVE to cook and bake! And with the holiday season in full swing, we are baking up a storm! Every year we like to try something new and this year we decided on homemade peppermint patties. The combination of mint and chocolate is a very festive flavour and delicious to enjoy with a…

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Holidays Living Wellbeing & Happiness


December 14, 2015
Holiday Stress

6 Best Ways to Avoid and Reduce Stress this Holiday Season! When it comes to the Christmas season there is so much going on that it can easily become overwhelming. On our blog we’ve been sharing some of the stuff we’ve been up to from decorating, baking, card making and wreath making and even though we enjoy this stuff, we understand that tackling all these things can become stressful. There are so many small parts that make up the holidays,…

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Favourites Food & Drink Holidays


December 11, 2015
Holiday Beverages

6 Festive and Fun Beverage Recipes for the Holidays! The holiday season is a time to enjoy delicious food and beverages with friends and families. This includes drinks that are sweet, maybe even savoury and some that are alcoholic, making you feel all warm and toasty inside. So we are sharing 6 fun holiday drinks for you to try this year.   Danielle Hot Buttered Rum & Grog Hot buttered rum is a classic wintery, holiday beverage. When else in the year…

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Best Of Favourites Holidays Living Wellbeing & Happiness


December 9, 2015

Now that we are more than a week into December, I’m sure many of you have begun watching some of your holiday favourites. I used to have the holiday specials television schedule memorized so I wouldn’t miss the classics, Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, Charlie Brown… I’ve rounded up my favourite 20 Christmas movies. I know these are not all of the great Christmas movies out there, but these are a good starting point. Some of these have different versions, so…

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