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February 26, 2016

As we near the end of the month and winter season, we are reminiscing about some of our favourite things and moments from February!



The end of January and beginning of February have been full of travel. Between Orlando and Ann Arbor, you read about part I and II here, we also headed up north to my cottage with Danielle and Mike for the long weekend. It was an awesome weekend with good friends, good food, good drinks, board games, chilly walks, warm fires, and lots of movie watching. Not only that, it was -40 degrees Celsius and the power was out on Sunday from 1am to 3:30pm. Very thankful for the wood stove keeping us warm! And don’t forget the bailey’s ;).


On Sunday, Ryan and I were lucky to see Yukon Blonde live at The Casbah here in Hamilton. One of my favourite things about The Casbah is the size. It’s an awesome venue to see a show because it’s smaller and feels more personal. They also have a great selection of craft beer! The opener was a band called On an On, from Minnesota. They had a great, chill sound and I’m excited to add their album to my playlist.

Yukon Blonde rocking out on stage at The Casbah in Hamilton.

Yukon Blonde rocking out on stage at The Casbah in Hamilton.


My travel knitting project, the Tambourine cardigan, was completed this month. I’m so in love it – the colour, the fit – it’s perfect! I have a different colour of this yarn in my stash and wasn’t too sure what project it would be used for, but now I’m thinking another Tambourine to add to my wardrobe. In the meantime, I’ve finished another hat and I’m almost done Ryan’s sweater! Hopefully it stays a little cooler, so he actually gets to wear it! Next up on the needles for March – the Lila Sweater!

Completed Tambourine Cardigan! The buttons have yet to be added, but I'm liking it without them so far.

Completed Tambourine Cardigan! The buttons have yet to be added, but I’m liking it without them so far.


Nickel Brook Brewery held their first ever Cask Night this month at Arts & Science Brewing Company in Hamilton. They had five other breweries there, including Collective Arts Brewing, Wellington Brewery, Camerons Brewing Company, Stonehammer Brewing, and Great Lakes Brewery.  Each brewery had a feature beer specifically for the event and there was a delicious spread of food, including Knead Pizza, The Brew Cafe and more. We had an awesome time trying samples from some of our favourite local breweries and we’re excited for the next cask night.

Barrels in the brewery. I wonder what's inside?!

Barrels in the brewery. I wonder what’s inside?!

Cameron's Brewing Company displaying their new cans that are now available.

Cameron’s Brewing Company displaying their new cans that are now available.


This past weekend was our first full weekend home in 4 weeks. It was time for early Spring cleaning to begin and is still an ongoing process as we unpack and get ourselves organized after all these little trips. I’ll be starting some seeds for the vegetable garden soon and adding more plants to the house, as well as artwork up on the walls, so hopefully I can accomplish everything before things get busy again. I see a trip to Ikea in my near future.



The furthest I traveled in the past month was up to Dana’s family cottage in the Muskokas. This was more than fine with me! We had a lovely ‘couples retreat’ since it was Valentine’s Day long weekend. The wintery landscape was beautiful and provided such a good escape from the mundane of every day. We happened to go up on the coldest weekend in the season, but we kept a roaring fire going, enjoyed lots of good food, beer and wine and played lots of board games. We even squeezed in some star gazing.

February Travel

Keeping warm, reading up and just relaxing at Dana’s family cottage.


February was a month for comfort food. I enjoyed a trip to The Burnt Tongue and had some great clam chowder. I also attended an event for work at the Ed and Shawn Brewery Co. in Dundas which will be opening in April. The event featured a special lager and IPA for the night and catering from the Ancaster Mill. Also, a great event started on February 19 featuring 8 local restaurants who will be donating 10% of food sales to support St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation – where I work! Such a great program that encourages people to eat local and support local healthcare. If you want to know which restaurants are participating visit: stjoesfoundation.ca/feast.

Shawn and Ed Beer

Trying some of the beer at the Shawn and Ed Brewery Co in Dundas.


February Dundas

All the casks at the Shawn and Ed Brewery Co, also some Flat Rock Cellars casks!

February dundas

Perfect with beer! Catered by Ancaster Mill

What were some of your favourite things about February? We’d love to hear about what you were up to! 

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