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October 26, 2015
hemp twine

An easy step-by-step jewellery DIY bracelet with hemp!

I have always enjoyed bracelet making of all kinds, but I have to say I was a huge gimp junkie back in the 90s. Today my obsession is with hemp. When people here the word hemp, they might not think of the great use it has in jewellery, but I assure you this string makes excellent bracelets and more.

The best part of hemp is that it is strong, very durable and often grown organically, and therefore chemical free and eco friendly. Twine also comes in different weights and thicknesses and also natural and coloured varieties. I love this blog post that share the long long history of and the huge benefits of hemp.


My beloved hemp!

Basic Cobra Hemp Bracelet

Today, I want to share a basic hemp bracelet you can make yourself. This bracelet requires the same technique repeated throughout the entire length and can be done without any additional beading (although this is also fun!). You’ll want to use one solid colour of hemp for both pieces.


  • 1 piece of hemp measured to just short of a meter
  • 1 piece of hemp measured to double that length
  • One bead – for fastening the bracelet
  • Safety pin – for holding your bracelet in place while you make it


  1. Set the strings up by folding both pieces perfectly in half and then joining them and creating an overhand knot and leaving a loop. Attach the safety pin to the loop and then hook this to something solid that will serve as your work surface.
  2. Keep the two middle pieces together, these will not move or be tied in anyway. Instead grab your two outside longer pieces and work with these.
  3. Take the left strand and fold it in a triangle shape crossing over all the other strands of hemp.
  4. Take the right strand and place it over that left strand, then under the two middle ropes and through the triangular gap on the left.
  5. Grab both the left and right strand now and pull them until you create a knot. Tug on the middle strands to smooth the knot.
  6. Alternate these same steps now, but reversing sides. Take the right strand across and looping the left one.
  7. Repeat this alternative along the length of the bracelet, constantly tugging the middle ones between each time you change sides. By changing sides you will keep the bracelet flat.

    hemp bracelet

    Here’s what the start of the bracelet looks like.

  8. Once you reach the length you desire, feed one bead onto all the strings and then taking all the strings, create one tight knot. Trim off excess string. The bead should squeeze through the loop you created on step 1 to do the bracelet up. I find this very effective – it is easy to take off and put on yourself, but stays on very well, even when swimming.

The finished bracelet after wearing it a few times.

Different variations of this bracelet include adding beads or shells into the bracelet. You can also use thicker hemp to create bulkier looking bracelets.

Have you tried making bracelets with hemp before? Let me know what you think!

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