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December 4, 2015
Christmas decoration

Sharing 8 inspirations for decorating your home for Christmas!

One of the best parts of Christmas is adding a touch of sparkle, red and green or cheer to your decor! Dana shared two beautiful ideas for the holidays: creating a holiday garland and a fresh wreath. For those of you who just want to add that touch of Christmas without the DIY, we’re sharing 8 simple ideas for holiday decorations today!


Keep it Simple

Simple works, especially when you use fresh greenery. Adding a small pine branch over a doorway or a small cedar garland on a mantel or as a centre piece add a rustic feel (which I’m a huge fan of!) and you’re bring the outdoors in. It will make your home smell lovely and the pieces are beautiful just as they are.

Our fresh Christmas tree all decorated! You can see I have small ornaments hanging in our front window too.

Our fresh Christmas tree all decorated! You can see I have small ornaments hanging in our front window too.

Let your Creativity Shine

Decorating for the holidays means getting creative and working with what you have. Sometimes you just can’t buy any more decorations, so use what you have. This can be updating an old wreath by adding a new bow or cutting paper snowflakes to hang in your window. I usually hang my cards up with clothes pins on twine, but this year I’ve hung my paper snowflakes, since it doesn’t look like there will be snow outside.

My paper snowflakes hanging above our bar cart.

My paper snowflakes hanging above our bar cart.

Add Some Treats

I love going to Bulk Barn and picking our a variety of holiday candy. Placing glass jars and bowls filled with candy canes and chocolate add colour to the room. If you are having any holiday gatherings or parties, your guests will love this! It’s always nice having a few treats around to enjoy while watching your favourite holiday movie too.

Don’t Forget the Outside

Christmas lights, garland, a wreath and beautiful urns are all options for decorating the outside of your home. Keeping your urns and wreath simple means you can also leave them up longer after the holidays pass. Every year Ryan and I will make some hot coco and put it in travel mugs. We’ll get bundled up and go for a walk around the neighbourhood admiring all of the Christmas lights. Going for a walk after a fresh snow fall makes it even more magical!


My completed wreath, hanging beautifully on our front door!


Add a Bit of your Childhood

Christmas and childhood, go hand in hand, so naturally adding a touch of your childhood to your Christmas decorations is a must. Maybe it’s an ornament you made when you were kid, maybe it’s your childhood stocking or an old family photo. Mike grew up with this wooden character that also plays Christmas music. It definitely adds a a touch of whimsy and reminiscent mood to the room.


Mike’s childhood snowman (and one of my DIY candles!)

Small Touches Make a Difference

Sometimes people go overboard with Christmas decorations when really its the small things that add a special touch to your rooms. For instance, I found an adorable 100 year old Christmas postcard which adds a touch of the holiday spirit without being overbearing. I also opted for natural coloured stockings with faux fur that keep that natural, rustic feel to my decor. Small decor touches that accent your existing decor style can be truly beautiful!


I propped the vintage Christmas card on a little easel.

Reuse your Favourite Christmas Cards

While you’re waiting for the influx of this year’s Christmas cards to stack on your mantle, why not re-use some of your favourite cards from previous years to add a touch of merriment to your rooms? I like to add these in my bookshelf. It’s nice too to re-read holiday messages from previous years. And who said Christmas decorations needed to cost money and be expensive?


This card from last year adds some festivity to my bookshelf.

Light up More than your Tree 

When I think of Christmas, I think of light. There are many ways to bring light into your home. Of course a fully lit tree is beautiful, but lighting up your garland, adding candles to your tables. I like to keep most of the light the same colour: white! It’s just so classic. Still colour has its place! I remember growing up with a white Chrsitmas tree lit up in blue – that was quite unique. But to add some cheery colour now, I used a string of red to deck out my decorative branches and added a poinsettia.


White and red Christmas lights!

Let us know the little ways you add Christmas decorations to your home!

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