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October 15, 2015
Time Management

Sharing the importance of time management and self care.

Time management is something everyone struggles with. We all have so many things going on between a full-time job, commuting, spending time with our significant other, spending time with friends and family, and of course, finally having some alone time if possible. We all want to say yes to everything that comes our way and it is difficult to acknowledge when you’ve taken on too much and are spreading yourself thin.

For myself, I’m a total introvert. I tend to keep my thoughts and feelings quiet and really value my “me” time. When I took up knitting and sewing, I found my passions. Making things with my hands is just so important to me and my wellbeing. It keeps me sane. Recently, I’ve become frustrated when people tell me I’m lucky to have so much free time to do these things. We all struggle with free time, the only difference is I prioritize differently than those other people and I’ve become very good with managing and allocating my time to fit in the activities I love and contribute to my overall wellbeing and happiness. I work a full-time job and commute everyday. I have a dog, and she requires daily walks. I make time for my husband. I have commitments to friends and other things I’ve signed up for. And I make time for my crafting hobbies. These hobbies are a part of who I am, and allow me to be the best version of myself, so of course I’m going to prioritize these! Others choose to spend their time with other activities, and as they do this they are prioritizing those things and there is nothing wrong with that because those are the things they love to do! It’s important to realize we all have these differences, that is what makes us who we are.

There are definitely weeks I struggle with getting things done and fall behind on housework or I’m not able to visit with friends or I don’t have time to knit even just a few rows on one of my projects. When this happens, I like to sit down and write everything down. Scheduling and sticking to that schedule is difficult, but so important! This article shares 7 ways time management can reduce stress, and I highly recommend reading through it! If you are struggling with managing your time, these tips will help you get started and on the right track.

It all comes down to self care. There are some great videos on TED talks that address the importance of self care. I really enjoyed the one by Brené Brown. That perfect work-life balance is available to everyone, but it is also defined differently by every individual. The things that contribute to your health, wellbeing and happiness are the things you need to fit into your life. Managing your time is a step toward better self care and individual success.

More tips:

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Do you struggle with time management? What are some things you’d like to make more time for?

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