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November 2, 2015

Favourite moments and things from the month of October 2015!

The month of beautiful colours, family gatherings, and spooky nights has come and gone. We are reminiscing about what a great month October has been!



Last month we went to an amazing show by Ed Sheeran in Toronto. This month Mike bought tickets to a metal band Blind Guardian who played at the Danforth Music Hall. Though the music was more to Mike’s taste, the show was energetic and the venue was great. Another music experience I won’t soon be forgetting.


It’s like Octobers were meant for great food. After we had a big Thanksgiving dinner, I couldn’t not make Turkey Noodle Soup and it was delicious! Other than that I enjoyed some outings around Hamilton and Burlington for food and cappucinos, including the place that makes one of my favourite cappucinos, Finch Espresso Bar.

October food

Great cappucinos!


For this month, in place of a current book I am enjoying I am going to share a favourite quote from a wonderful L.M. Montgomery. To close out a great month, let’s just remember what Anne said: “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”


I’m going to put my first time hosting Thanksgiving under this category of favourites, because it really did make our apartment feel like a home for the first time. I so enjoyed cooking a turkey, with dinner fixings and some sides provided by our guests: my parents and Mike’s parents!

October dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner with the Family


During an already busy month, Mike and I were lucky to find and adopt the most precious of kittens, our delightful black kitty Moony from the Hamilton Burlington SPCA during their Adopt-a-thon. We had been looking for a kitty like him and we are fairly certain he was looking for us to! We were one happy family snuggled up for Halloween.

October Kitten

Moony, our beautiful baby boy!




This month was a lot more exciting music-wise for us. For the second time, we saw The Darkness live at The Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto.  The Darkness is a british rock band, best known for their song, I Believe In A Thing Called Love. They have so much energy and always put on a great show. One of my favourite parts was when the sold out theatre was cheering “Let’s Go Blue Jays!” with many people sporting the team’s baseball caps. Lots of Canadian love!

The Darkness

One of my favourite bands to see live!


Just like Danielle, I was able to practice my turkey making skills this past Thanksgiving. Ryan and I ended up going to visit his family for the weekend and I made thanksgiving dinner on the Monday. I was able to perfect my mum’s stuffing recipe, which is one of my favourite parts of the holiday dinner! Another great thing about October was trying out a few recipes from Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook, It’s All Good (in case you missed it, you can read my review here!).


The turkey fresh out of the oven!


I’m a little late on the bandwagon, but I finally purchased and began reading, The life-changing Magic Of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo. I’m applying the KonMari method to my closet, as that is the most frustrating area in the house for me at the moment. With wanting to create a handmade wardrobe, tidying my closet and purging those items I don’t love or wear is helping me discover what items I’m missing.


This month at home we’ve been focused on getting everything ready for the winter. Preparing the vegetable garden and flower beds, and cleaning up around the house, since November now means Christmas decorations will be going up!


I will never forget October 2015. Ryan and I are huge Bluejays fans, and I was so lucky to get tickets from work for the ALDS game 5 against the Texas Rangers. This was one of the best sporting events I have ever been to! Although the Jays didn’t make it to the World Series, this past season has been so memorable for them and I can’t wait for Spring 2016! GO JAYS GO!



What were some of your favourite moments from October?

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