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September 23, 2015
Beautiful Green Plant

Why apartments need plants and the best plants for apartment living, plus lessons learned for taking care of plants!

I’m not a plant whisperer. This much I know, but I love plants! I have spent more time than most tending to my plants, till they grow high and strong and flourish, until one day out of nowhere the plant dries and shrivels up! So though I love plants, I have been broken hearted as they have come into my life and gone just as quickly. But I believe in the power of love, so I persist! There are just too many reasons to love plants, they are:

  • Natural art!
  • Relaxing and adds to your routine
  • cleans the air we breathe
  • supposed to be low maintenance

For some reason some plants just don’t make it and sadly few greenhouses have a section labelled “awesome plants for apartments that won’t die, yay!” Apartments are high up, with dry air and either too little or too much sun. So picking your plants is a serious chore!


My Second Attempt Hens and Chicks!

Plants to Try

Mint – Mint is a weed. That’s what I have seen in my parent’s garden. So it really grows everywhere. I had a mint plant that thrived very well and even had offshoots. Unfortunately it died quite suddenly (within 24 hours), but I am willing to give it a try again.


Lucky Bamboo – I had a bamboo plant for years and it was hardy! Unfortunately I went away to university and it wasn’t watered for quite some time and it died. That being said I loved it and am happy to give lucky bamboo another shot, and it will work well in our lower light rooms.

Pothos – Your typical houseplant. I wanted to avoid the typical choice, but have decided having green in my apartment that thrives is more important than having more unique plants that die. I can’t wait to try this plant out.  


Herb Plants for Apartments

Biggest Lessons Learned

Pot Size

Either too small or too large and apparently this matters.

If they are too small, the plant becomes root bound, while if the pot is too big, the soil can become too moist and cause the roots to rot. Healthy plants all stem from the roots and choosing your pots for more than looks will make healthy plants!


I knew going into buying my plants that sunlight would be an issue in my apartment. I purposely bought plants not requiring direct sunlight and was convinced the herbs I had picked based on recommendations would work. But they didn’t. The sunlight they were getting was either too strong if left unattended or not enough. Here’s more detail from Apartment Therapy on why sunlight is key to plant success.

Apartment Climate

Air quality in apartments is not great. The air can be painfully dry to humans, so imagine how plants must feel! Part of the reason I wanted plants was to add moisture to the air in our apartment. To do this though you want to keep multiple plants together, rather than dispersing them too much. A misting bottle will also help.

I’m on to the next round on some of my plants. I am opting this time for hardy plants that I’m not familiar with. Applying what I have already learned, along with new research will set me up well. I know it is a learning process, I just feel bad when a plant dies. So bear with me!


My most successful apartment plant – Syngonium!

And just in case…here’s some tips on reviving a plant that may seem dead from Gardening Know How.

Let me know your plant experience and tips! What plants work in your apartment?

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