March 7, 2016
Spring Cleaning

20 Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks!

Well it’s that time of year again… Spring is fast approaching. That’s right, we are 2 weeks away from my favorite season.  One of my favorite things about spring, is the inevitable need for refreshing and restarting. Spring is a time of renewal.  I like to think of it have an opportunity to cast off  the oppression of winter,  to banish our hibernatory thoughts and toss out  our sluggish routine of the past few months. We can slowly ease ourselves out of the cold and short days and blinking step into the sun. Granted, we were blessed with a fairly easy winter compared to most, but that doesn’t mean we have not earned a time for renewal.

The first signs of spring are the longer days, bringing that much needed vitamin D. Just this alone is enough to get us out of our winter blues. The next sign is that feeling, no, that urge to clean. All of a sudden, everything around you just feels like it too needs a refresh. This is why someone, not sure who, but someone a long time ago came up with the concept of spring cleaning.

This topic has obviously been on my mind and if you followed my series on simplifying the different areas of life – mainly the spaces in which we live – you’ll know that simplifying brings the same satisfaction as cleaning does. Really, spring cleaning is about sorting through all our stuff and re-organizing, and then cutting down on said stuff, and then making everything look squeaky clean. Spring cleaning involves a lot of elbow grease and some planning too. So, first check out my previous posts on simplifying your wardrobe, your work space and your home, then meet me back here for tips on spring cleaning.

1. Sometimes you have to make a mess to organize. Try taking things apart to put them back in their proper place.

Spring Cleaning

Don’t be afraid of a little mess on your way to clean.

2. Do you really need a million cleaning products? Make your own vinegar and baking soda mix or try natural cleaning product line like Spiffy Naturals.

3. Clean your base boards and all the floor and wall corners in all your rooms. Gunk tends to accumulate here.

4. Clean all your electronics.

5. Dust your houseplants, they are dust collectors.

Spring Cleaning

Plants are nice, but don’t forget to keep them clean.

6. Clean your windows and your window sills, inside and out. Wash your windows streak free!

7. Polish your wooden furniture to a high shine.

8. Move your furniture to vacuum up those dust bunnies.

9. Wash your fabric curtains or give them a DIY dry clean your drapes.

10. Spot treat your couch and furniture, you can even tackle stains that are old.

11. Deep clean your carpets. Here’s how to get dirt and odour out of your carpet.

12. Clean out your fridge. Check the expiry dates, clean the shelves and put in a fresh baking soda to keep your fridge smelling fresh.

13. Clean the inside of your oven.

14. Clean out your drains, using a DIY drain  cleaner.

15. Re-organize your kitchen pantry.

Spring Cleaning

Downsize, sort and keep fresh by tidying up your pantry.

16. Re-organize your bookshelves!

Spring Cleaning

Even something like your books, needs a little attentions.

17. Tackle all the small repairs; wall scuff marks, plastering, caulking and anything else.

18. Take some time to get to those things you’ve been meaning to, like decorating.

Spring Cleaning

I finally got around to printing an framing pictures to add to this room!

19. Bring out spring colours and décor to spruce the place up.

20. Air out your apartment and add some air diffusers to freshen the place up.

It seems like a lot, but Spring is a whole season. So you have few months to get these things done. Once you’ve tackled these things…you won’t have to worry about dirt or disorder accumulating in your place for a long time. Plus some of these things take very little time, and you can quickly cross them off your list. And when you’re done, I definitely have plans to reward myself. With summer! 😉


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