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DIY Fashion & Jewellery


March 18, 2016

Spring Sewing Plans for 2016. With the warmer weather, my knitting plans typically do not change much, but recently I’ve really had the urge to start sewing more. I’ve slowly been adding handmade items to my wardrobe, and simplifying my closet at the same time. My focus was on knitted items – oversized sweaters are my jam, specifically navy blue and lots of stripes   When I began sewing clothes two years ago for myself, it started with a few…

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Crafts DIY Holidays


December 7, 2015
handmade card

Inspiration for handmade Christmas cards and a DIY tutorial. For as long as I can remember I have been making Christmas cards. It started with scribbled misspelled holiday greeting cards to my parents, evolving eventually to include stick men. Eventually this gave way to hand painted cards, every year something different. I then started painted these cards for others, Mike, his parents, friends. Eventually I decided I wanted to try something different than painting and tried cards that involved more…

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DIY Holidays


November 13, 2015
Christmas decoration

8 DIY handmade gifts inspirations for the Holidays! With the holidays approaching, it is time to begin checking off that Christmas list. And because we love crafts, what better way to complete this task then by making some special, unique, handmade gifts! If you are stuck for ideas, we are sharing some of our favourite DIY handmade items we’ll be gifting this year. Dana Body Scrub A few years ago I made this chocolate coconut sugar scrub from How Sweet…

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