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February 15, 2016

Tips and tricks for simplifying your life, moving onto your work space! This year, one of the goals I’ve made for myself is simplifying my life. I’ve started avoiding clutter, cutting down on useless stuff, using up things that I’ve accumulated, reducing things I do not need, and been keeping things organized. There are so many areas of life that can be simplified. This applies even to people who are naturally a simple or organized person doesn’t matter. I’ve always thought…

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Living Wellbeing & Happiness


February 1, 2016
Valentine Gifts

6 Tips and Ideas for Valentine Gifts on a Budget. I’m a fan of love. All kinds of love. And so a day named for love’s sake is worth at least acknowledging in my world. And thankfully, I am in love. This makes celebrating Valentine’s Day fun and fulfilling. This includes gift-giving. The thing with gifts is, they don’t have to be lavish, expensive, glittery, difficult to find or even expected for that matter. They can be on a budget.…

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Favourites Holidays


December 24, 2015
Christmas Traditions

Sharing our holiday traditions we look forward to every year! One of the best parts of Christmas is the traditions that have been built year over year to the point that just the thought of them brings joy. Traditions can be grand, or they can be so simple. Either way they usually remind us of the real spirit of the holidays which is why on this day, the day before Christmas we are sharing our traditions with you! Dana O’…

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Crafts DIY Holidays


December 21, 2015
christmas gift wrapping

8 Ways to get inspired and creative with your Christmas gift wrapping this year! I understand that for many this is the very bane of their existence when it comes to Christmas, to the point where they leave it to the last minute. For me, it has always been a task that not only needs doing, but that I enjoy. I can remember carefully selecting wrapping for Christmas gifts over the years. Side note: my brother used to pay me…

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Living Travel


November 16, 2015
San Fransisco

A trip to San Francisco and 10 must see spots in the city – Part 1! When Mike got the word that he would be attending a conference in San Francisco, we were both very excited to turn this into a trip as well. We were able to swing a 5 day trip to San Francisco and believe it or not this was plenty of time to get to know this amazing city. We visited many amazing neighbourhoods and landmarks,…

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Living Travel


November 9, 2015

Fun things to do in Hamilton and surrounding area in the month of November. September and October were amazing weren’t they? I am already reminiscing those months that only just passed. That’s because there was so much to do and enjoy in Hamilton. So many farmer’s markets to visit and so many places to hike. And now we are in November, the pumpkin and apple season have passed and it is getting bitterly cold… But, Christmas is coming up and…

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Food & Drink Living


November 5, 2015

10 delicious recipes to make in a cast iron skillet. Having a cast iron pan in your kitchen is essential. We have three skillets and three different types of cast iron pots that I use on a regular basis. Cast iron is very versatile. You can use it over an open fire, on the BBQ, the stove top or in the oven, and for both sweet and savoury dishes. They also get better over time, becoming more seasoned and creating…

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Living Travel


November 4, 2015
Woman carries your luggage at the airport terminal

Easy travel tips for long flights making travelling even more fun! Travelling is fun, I think we can all agree on that! Still, a lot of people dread the airport experience and any flight over 5 hours can feel long. What about flights that are much longer, maybe involving one or more layovers? We’ve all had them: good and bad experiences. There are so many factors in what makes for good flights; travelling alone can have advantages, but travelling with…

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Living Wellbeing & Happiness


October 28, 2015
health goals

5 Tips for creating and building out health goals that you can stick to! During my youth my entry into the fitness and health world changed my life. Beyond the physical benefits of exercise, or the health benefits of eating well, having true health goals has helped me improve my whole wellbeing. My favourite part of health and fitness is setting out goals. But I’m not here to tell you what you should do or what goals to set out…

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